Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Subtitles

Barbarians Mediterranean Sword Chapter 21 Summary;

Will the Barbarossa brothers, who captured Kalymnos, be able to make the Mediterranean their home?

What awaits the Barbarossa brothers, who are fighting a life-and-death battle for their causes, in the new episode:

Baba Oroch, who was able to enter Kalymnos Castle as a result of their difficult struggles, Hizır Reis and Pietro killed his cranes, invaded the castle, and hung the Ottoman flag.

Messiah Pasha, who captured the city by supporting the attack with his soldiers, considered Oroch Reis to be the leader of the conquest of Kalymnos.but

What awaits the brothers of Barbarossa, who will make Kalymnos their home? What enemies from the past will face Oroch and Hezer Reis, who aim to make the Mediterranean a Turkish homeland on their way to their cause but?

Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Subtitles

Mary, whose consciousness has been poisoned by her older brother Pietro and imprisoned in the castle, manages to see the truth and secretly helps Hazir and Urug Reis to enter the castle. What will happen between Maryam and Hazar, who have met her cause and her loved ones but ?

Isabelle, who has dedicated her life to finding her brother Martin, learns that he was a spy working for Pietro and comes to invade Kalymnos and offers to help him get out of the pit he has fallen into.

On the other hand,

Barbaroslar Episode 21 With English Subtitles

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