Barbaroslar Trailers With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Trailers With English Subtitles

 ⚔ Barbaroslar: The Mediterranean Wall  ⚔

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A drama about the four brothers who leave the island of Mytilene,

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Facing danger and invasion of the seas; Sipahi narrates the adventures of the four sons of Yakup the Agha, Isaac, Uruch, Hezir and Elijah, to become the brothers of Barbarossa.

So Heather, with Zainab, whose life was in danger, went on a very difficult road to escape Peter’s men and convey her trust to Master Solomon. After becoming aware of the situation,

Pietro mobilized all his resources to find a way to gain both trust and hizzer. Meanwhile, although Hizir and Zainab think they have left to meet again, fate brings them together again.


But Rosa and Elijah are surprised to learn who is behind the trap. They find themselves in conflict.

But witnessing the murder of his family,

Isaac is captured by the pirate Anthony. Isaac names his brothers as if pleading for help during his severe torture. However, Anton, whose sole aim is to avenge his brother by killing Oroku, waits patiently for Oroj to come to the aid of his host.

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Barbaroslar Episode 32 Trailer With English Subtitles

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Barbaroslar Episode 32 Trailer With English Subtitles

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