Watch Prophet Yusuf A.S In English Dubbed

Prophet Yusuf A.S In English Dubbed

Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him) was the beloved son of Hazrat Yaqub (peace be upon him) who also had 11 other sons. Binyamin, the youngest, was from yousuf’s mother, while the others were older half-brothers.

Yusuf, still a little boy, wakes up one glorious morning to a delightful dream. Excited, he ran to his father and said, “O my father, I have indeed seen eleven stars and the sun and the moon.

I have seen them bow before me.” Hazrat Yaqub (peace be upon him) was happy to know that his beloved son was chosen by Allah for prophethood.

However, Hazrat Yaqub was concerned about the possible reaction of his older sons to this tradition, because although they treated them equally, they were jealous of Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him).

So he warned Joseph Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him) not to tell his brothers about his dream or they would plot his downfall.

As time went by, hatred grew in the hearts of Yusuf’s brothers. They were jealous of Joseph Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him) because they thought he was special and they were not. Unable to control their emotions, they planned to get rid of Yusuf by throwing him into a well.

Prophet Yusuf A.S In English Dubbed

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Then one day he came to his father and suggested that he send Yusuf to travel with him. Yaqub (peace be upon him) said very reluctantly it is very sad for me that you should take it and I am afraid that a wolf will eat it and you will not know.

But the brothers insisted that they would take great care of him and that they would enjoy Yusuf.

Prophet Yusuf A.S English Dubbed

The next day Yusuf left with his brothers. They traveled a long way and found a deep well that they could put their brother in. Finally, when they reached the well under the guise of drinking water, they took him to him, held him and stripped him of his shirt.

Yusuf began to struggle and begged them to leave.

The brothers eventually overpowered Yusuf and threw him down the well and hurried back home.

The brothers ran to their father, who had stained Yusuf’s shirt with sheep’s blood. They cried, “Father, we ran away from each other, leaving Yusuf with his property, and the wolf ate him.

” Yakubs suspected their story and believed in his heart that his son was alive and that his brothers might have been tempted by Shaitan (Satan).

He remarked that it was very merciful that the wolf had eaten his son’s shirt without tearing it! She endured her grief and prayed for her son’s safe return.

Meanwhile, Yusuf clung to the stone platform and earnestly prayed to Allah for salvation. Soon a caravan on its way to Egypt stopped at this well to draw water.

The water drawer was startled to see a handsome boy clinging to a rope, pulling out a bucket. The people of the caravan immediately took Yusuf to Egypt in chains.

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Here he was auctioned off and sold as a slave to the highest bidder, Al-Aziz, the treasurer. Yusuf’s new owner, who was childless, took Yusuf completely with him.

He told his wife that she would take good care of Yusuf and that she could use him as a slave or take him as a son.

Not only did Yusuf grow up to be a handsome young man, he was also blessed with special knowledge and wisdom by Allah. His honesty won the heart of Al-Aziz, who put Yusuf in charge of his household.

During this period, Yusuf faced his second trial. Zulayka, Al-Aziz’s wife, who had been observing Yusuf day after day, began to develop a passion for him.

His desire grew more and more desperate to fulfill his desire.

One day, when her husband was away from home, she closed the door and invited Yusuf to her. Yusuf, out of fear of Allah, replied, “[I seek] protection in Allah.

Indeed, he is my master, who has made my abode good. Verily, the wrongdoers will not be successful.” He turned and ran towards the closed door to escape.

Zulaika chased him desperately and grabbed his shirt from behind causing it to rip. The door opened and Al-Azeez entered. Ashmed, he ran to her and cried “What is the reply of a person who wants evil for your wife but she is imprisoned or a painful punishment?”

Yusuf was confused. She continued to deny her employer’s claims saying, “It was she who was trying to seduce me.”

Al-Azeez is a fair person. He was confused and unsure who to believe. So he consulted his wife’s cousin for advice. “If his clothes are torn from the front, then he has told the truth, and he is a liar,” advised his cousin.

Thus, Joseph’s innocence was proven. Al-Azeez apologized for his wife’s indecency and vowed to keep Yusuf a secret.

Nevertheless, the story of Zulaika’s pursuit is widespread. The other women started mocking her character. Depressed, Zulaika plans to prove to them her helpless reaction to Yusuf’s extraordinary handsomeness.

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Hence, he invited these women to a banquet at his residence one day. There he serves fruits along with knife. While the women were busy chatting while slicing fruit, Zulaika called Yusuf.

The women looked at him. Struck by such beauty of the nymphs, they cut off their hands without even realizing it. Zulaika took advantage of the moment to announce that he was the man she blamed.

He then warned Yusuf that if he refused him again he would be imprisoned, to which Yusuf replied, “My lord, prison is dearer to me than the one they invited me to.

” That night Zulaika convinced her husband that the only way to preserve his honor and dignity was to put Yusuf in prison. Because of this, Yusuf was thrown into prison.

During Yusuf’s imprisonment, he was given the ability to interpret dreams. Two of Yusuf’s cellmates, mesmerized by his piety, sought him to interpret their dreams.

One dreamed that he was serving wine to the king and the other was carrying bread on his head that two birds were eating. Yusuf initially called them to Allah and then explained,

“Two companions in prison, as for one of you, he will make his master drink wine; But as for the other, he shall be crucified, and the birds shall eat his head. The thing which you both inquire is decreed.

He said to the one he knew would be released, “Tell your master about me.” But Satan made him forget what he had told his master, and Ya’qub remained in prison for many years.

All Episodes Prophet Yusuf A.S In English Dubbed

One day the king of Egypt had a strange dream. He summoned his men and said, “Indeed, I have seen seven fat cows and seven lean cows eating seven green ears [of grain] and dry ones.

O great ones, if you must explain visions, explain to me my vision. Immediately remembering his companion in prison, the cupbearer told King Yusuf the interpretation of his inexplicable dream.

The king sent his cupbearer to the prison to meet Yusuf and inquire about the strange dream.

Yusuf was happy to see his companion and knew this was Allah’s plan. He narrated to him, “Seven years you will continue to sow; Leave what you harvest in its spikes and you will eat some of it.

After those seven hard [years] come, it eats up what you have saved up for them. After that, there will come a year in which rain will be given to the people, in which they will press [olives and grapes].

Surprised, the king ordered Yusuf to be brought before him. Yusuf refused to leave prison until proven innocent. This is what the king called the women regarding Yusuf’s incident.

Prophet Yusuf English Dubbed

The woman, whose hands had been cut off, told the king of Yusuf’s innocence, “Allah forbid! We don’t know anything bad about him.

Al-Azeez’s wife was imprisoned. He reported to the King: “Now the truth is clear. It was me who tried to fool him, and of course he is telling the truth.”

Yusuf’s innocence was thus proven. Upon his release from prison, Yusuf stood before the King to thank him for his generosity. Impressed by Yusuf’s honesty and kindness, the king appointed him store keeper of the warehouses on the opposite side of his land.

Yusuf harvested and stored crops during seven years of fertility. Then the years of famine approached, and it too reached Jacob’s house in Canaan.

Yusuf at once recognized his brothers and provided for them, but did not hide his identity. He casually asked about their family. The brothers told the shopkeeper that they had returned home to Canaan and were returning home to their father and brother.

Yusuf warned them to bring their younger brother next time or they would not get any food. He even included their wages with their supplies to encourage them to return.

The brothers returned home and said, “Our father, they refused to measure us, so send our brother [to] us to measure us. And we will certainly be his caretakers.” Jacob was furious.

Prophet Yusuf A.S

How could he trust them when they had failed horribly with Yusuf before? But after a time their need pressed Jacob to send Benjamin with them in search of more provisions.

He took a solemn oath to protect her. When they reached Egypt, Yusuf pulled Benjamin aside and whispered in his ear, “I am your brother, so don’t worry about what they did to [me].”

The next day Yusuf filled his brothers bags with grain. Then he secretly planted the King’s pot of gold in Benjamin’s bag.

As they left, the King’s soldiers stopped the brothers who were looking for the King’s missing cup. The brothers’ bags were searched and the missing cup was recovered from the bag of the younger brother, Binyamin. The soldiers cried, “O caravan, indeed you are thieves.

” The brothers were shocked! The brothers immediately remembered their sick father back home, and their vow to protect Binyamin at all costs.

They asked the soldiers to release their younger brother and take one of them in his place but the soldiers refused. The eldest among the brothers said,

“I will never leave this land until my father permits me or until Allah decides for me.” So the rest of the brothers left Egypt leaving the eldest behind.

Prophet Yusuf A.S In English

When Yaqub learned about his youngest son’s condition he wept and wept until he became blind. He began to pray for comfort because he knew that only Allah could ease his pain. Soon he ordered his sons to return to the King’s land and ask about their brother.

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