Watch Destan Episode 28 With English Subtitles

Destan Episode 28 With English Subtitles

⚔ Destan Episode 28 ⚔

Destan Episode 28 (SEASON FINAL) Destan Episode 28 With English Subtitles
Marriage of Akkiz and Batuga
Destan Episode 28 With English Subtitles.

Akikz and Batuga, who were heralded by Esrigun Kam tying a belt around their waists, hid this good news for a while because of Sipir’s illness in the palace. but After the recovery of Alpagu Khan and the Tegins, Destan Episode 28 With English Subtitles

Ulu Kam Archurai announced the news to Gök Saray and revealed the good news. but The gospel was enthusiastically received by Alpagu Khan and the palace.

But the lovers said they could not hold a wedding while the Turkish lands were under the occupation of the Itbarks. but After the victory over the Itbaraks,

there is a wedding for Akz and Batuga, two epic love heroines. but What awaits Akz and Batuga who are in love in Ring of Fire, after the wedding?

Can Khanate Guk erase the Itbaraks from history?
but The Turks had a great victory in the great battle that broke out after the confrontation between the Turks and Itbarak near Gok Or.

Destan Episode 28 With English Subtitles

Realizing that the navs were forged during the battle, Ubar and Itbark were defeated and forced to retreat. Before they could fully experience the joy of victory, the Gok retirees received news that the Itbaraks had arrived en masse in the Western Heavenly Lands.

Who will have the last laugh in the thousands of years of war between the Turkish army and the Itbaraks? At the end of the all-or-nothing struggle, can the Gokkhans save Western Gok? 1. but Can you erase that quote from history? b but Or will they lose the Sky Horde too?

Vera cooperated with the Russians and provided oil support to Gok Orda.

Watch Destan Episode 28 With English Subtitles




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