Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 103 With English Subtitles For Free

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 103 With English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode103 Summary

Osman’s Plan!

Finally, Olof puts his treacherous plan into action…

Osman Bey is ambushed on his way back from Constantinople.

Will Osman Bey escape the trap set by Olof and Frigg?

How will Osman Bay get out of this pressure?

Osman Bey is aware that the kidnapping of his sons Aladdin and Orhan and the slanders of Oktam Bey are part of a big game. What moves will Osman Bai make to resolve the issue?

All the arrows point to Ophelia, what is Usman Bey going to do about it?

Emperor Andronicus, meanwhile, instructs Olof to kill Osman Bey and his daughter Ophelia.

Will Emperor Andronicus betray Othman Bey who made the peace treaty with Othman Bey that saved him from death?

Osman Bey steps in to ruin the big game set up for him.

What will be Osman Bay’s move? What does Osman Bey want to approach when he welcomes Prince Kantakuzinus in Yenisehir?

Will Actemur die?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 103 With English Subtitles

Did Elçiçek Hatun, angry after the chaos in his temptation and the arrest of his father Oktam, take out his anger on Aktemur?

All the evidence points to Elçiçek in the shooting of Aktemur…

did Elçiçek shoot Aktemur, or was Elçiçek a toy like Oktem Bey his father? What kind of fate awaits the badly wounded Actamur?

Octem Bay was arrested

In Osman Bey’s absence, tensions continue in the Nook lands.

Now Octem Bay is the victim of a new slander. Can the arrested Octem Bay exonerate himself?


Bengi Hatun gathers the Bei Bei of his tribe after the capture of Oktam Bei Bei.

Do these decisions create a duality in the territories under Othman Bey? How does Kylar prevent this possibility?

Bainder Bay, which benefits most from the duo, is now trailing behind the lost tax gold going to Byzantium. Can Bender Bay achieve this goal?

Has Frigg’s true face been revealed?

How long can Frigg maintain the role of Martha at the center of evil? Will Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun see the true face of Frig?

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