Watch Osman Season 3 Episode 66 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With English Subtitles

⚔ Organization Osman. 66 Episode Summary ⚔

In episode 66 of The Establishment Osman,

The waters in Bithynia were muddy after Osman Bey kidnapped one of the most important religious figures in the Orthodox world.

Michael Koses, Rogatus Laskaris, and Aya Nicola, despite their decision to form an alliance, make separate plans to find and capture Priest Gregor.

Shocked by the killing of his beloved horse Karayel, Osman Bey sets up a clever game by creating a conscious security vulnerability in the camp to find the killer.

Turgut Bey reacted to Osman Bey’s failure to keep his promise to return to the Alps.

On the other hand, Malhun Hatun, who learns that Bala Hatun is pregnant, enters into a power struggle with Bala Hatun! As tensions escalate as Bala Hatu says,

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With English Subtitles

“I am the head lady of this village,” the conflict between the two girls also affects the villagers.

With coal-black eyes, he would set fire to gas and freedom.
His name was Ertugrul Gazi oglu Osman …
There was a “love” that guided him in the darkness…

but In lands irrigated with blood and tears, reaped like a crop of the sky;

He “fell in love” with the dream of a nation that would cross seven heavens, seven places, mountains, and seas.

He took his power not from the sword, but from “love”… Justice to violence; He resisted

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With English Subtitles


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